Hello. Again.

And if somewhere along the way you think of what you want to say, just say it, and we’ll pretend that you remember now…

Oh, why and how did I learn to drive like this? Wait to call me talented ’til I see where I can get this thing to go.

And since now I’m driving slow, I can take those turns better. And I can watch the sky grow redder, and my letter boxes will have letters.

I attempted this blog thing once before, but I tried too hard to make it matter and, consequently, hardly wrote anything.

My goal here is just to put stuff on the page, starting with words and sentences, some of which may grow into actual stories. There may be meaning to be mined at some point, but I won’t be so audacious as to hold myself to any gold standard just yet.

Just imagine me adding scraps and scribbles to the old box where I keep my letters.

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